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Blue Jay

Blue Jay Facts:

  • Blue Jays are a bit of a mysterious bird
  • They are intelligent and have complex social structures
  • They notoriously love acorns and are credited with spreading oak trees
  • Extremely abundant in Southwest Florida


  • Blue Jays stay year-round in Southwest Florida
  • Tend to mimic the sounds of hawks-particularly the red-shouldered hawk
  • These birds can reach a foot long and have a wing span of 17 inches
  • Blue Jays eat seeds, nuts, acorns and occasionally the eggs of other bird species
  • Males and females can mate for life

  • Females lay 4-6 brown spotted green eggs
  • Nesting season begins in March and lasts until September
  • Pairs will produce 2-3 broods a season
  • Blue Jays are known to be noisy, bold and aggressive song birds
  • Blue Jays are slower fliers and make them easy prey for raptor species

For more information regarding the blue jay and to hear their various songs and calls visit:

Pictures provided by Ian Weber

Shanna Weber